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Birth Doula - $1500

-2 prenatal visits

-unlimited calling and texts two weeks before delivery

-Labor support throughout the entire labor

-Photographs of first moments with baby

-Postpartum visit with breastfeeding help, if needed

-Birth story

-Resources for outside help


*Hypnobirthing is no extra charge, however, you can request not to Hypnobirth



Postpartum Doula $30/hr - $35/hr overnight

-4 or more hours of care per day to help with breastfeeding, newborn care, sibling care and general "tidying up". 
*Note- a Postpartum Doula is not a nanny. She helps with mama self-care to ease into motherhood.

Reiki Session - $100/1hr session

Reiki can help soothe the body and mind while pregnant giving health and intention to your growing baby. Reiki can also aid with postpartum depression by moving energy and aligning the chakras. Remembering that birthing your baby can be an amazing experience but it also has its traumas. Reconnect with your body with Reiki.

Birth and Newborn Photography




Prenatal Yoga - $60/private session

Prenatal Yoga will prepare your body through breath and movement for the birth of your baby.
Stay connected as your body changes through each trimester. 
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-$60/hr for daytime and overnight care
Suzanne has attended over 200 births

*Feel free to reach out regarding payment plans and sliding scale pricing

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