Suzanne Slade

Hypnobirthing  Doula . Postpartum Doula . Reiki Practitioner . Pre-natal Yoga instructor . Photographer



Suzanne is a passionate advocate for labor and postpartum care. She is a certified Hypnobirthing Doula and applies her work as a yoga therapist, pre/postnatal yoga instructor, and Reiki practitioner to create an environment of calm and compassion during labor. 

For postpartum care, Suzanne aids with breastfeeding and has resources for any issues that may occur whilst feeding your baby. She will do light tidying up, laundry, and food prep while allowing you to rest and recharge. 


With a strict non-discrimination policy, Suzanne has worked as an advocate and Doula for all communities, regardless of gender, race, or religious beliefs. 


Suzanne also is a professional photographer and has included "first looks" photography in every birth. Capturing those amazing first moments are memories that are cherished forever.