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Suzanne Slade

Hypnobirthing  Doula . Postpartum Doula . Reiki Practitioner . Pre-natal/Postnatal Yoga instructor . Photographer


Suzanne Slade

Suzanne is a passionate advocate for labor and postpartum care. She is a certified Hypnobirthing Doula and applies her work as a yoga therapist, pre/postnatal yoga instructor, and Reiki practitioner to create an environment of calm and compassion during labor. With over a decade of experience, Suzanne has the tools and knowledge to advise her clients to create safe and educated decisions during the birth process. 

During Postpartum care, Suzanne has trained as a CLC and in Infant Structure and Function which allows her to assess each baby and recommend adjustments or further care for your baby when it comes to feeding, sleeping, or even tummy time. With a background in Yoga therapy and Reiki, Suzanne will create a mood that is relaxing and will offer Yoga Nidra for rest and relaxation and mild Reiki to reconnect the body and mind to re-energize during the postpartum period. Lastly, Suzanne has been lucky enough to learn Infant Massage through many mentors and will teach you how to calm your baby when you feel you have run out of options. 

Suzanne has worked with VBAC, multiples, LGBTQ+, high risk, and teen clients. With a strict non-discrimination policy, Suzanne has worked as an advocate and Doula for all communities, regardless of gender, race, or religious beliefs. 

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