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Welcome to Doula Luv!
How we can help you:


I am a certified Hypnobirthing  Doula that will support and aid you through your labor. I apply hypnosis, meditation and breathing techniques to help you feel strong and in control. If you don't want to Hypnobirth, I will work with you on giving you the best experience possible. I work with anyone and will not judge on any decision.


Postpartum-Having a child is a wonderful, but sometimes intimidating experience. Let me help you reconnect with your body and mind so that you are fully informed and prepared for any and all situations. Postpartum also helps with breastfeeding as well as helping you and your family adjust.


Pre-natal yoga- 

I offer private or group prenatal classes to help open your hips and help you to learn meditation techniques essential in your labor process.



Maternity Photography- Enjoy those moments of feeling your baby growing inside of you.

Great for shower announcements too!


Birth Photography-Capturing your babies journey into your arms can be magical. Those first moments of seeing your baby for the first time will be photographs you will cherish forever.


Newborn/Family Photography-Show the world your new family or addition to the family. 





  • Hypnobirthing Birth Doula

  • Postpartum Doula

  • Pre-natal Yoga

  • Post natal core and pelvic floor strengthening

  • Pregnancy Photography

  • Childbirth and Lactation Consultant referrals

What we offer:

Excerpt from Ina Mae Gaskin's, Birth Matters:

"If I had to do it again, I would invite more of an atmosphere of accompaniment and camaraderie around me. I would call upon confident women to put their arms around me and rock me and clap hands and growl and make me laugh down the fear. Though it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced, I do not regret giving birth naturally.

One of the downfalls of our excessively comfortable society is the idea that pain is a bad thing to be avoided at all costs. We have built great pharmaceutical empires bent on masking, subduing and eradicating pain, even emotional pain, from our lives. We are taught to view pain as an enemy, not a teacher. But pain is the right hand of growth and transformation. Pain is in the history of all human wisdom. The pains associated with menstruation and childbirth, even emotional pain, are the price of having agency with the bloody, pulsing, volcanic divinity of creation, and they lie at the core of feminine wisdom. "


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